Winners received a $50 service/parts gift certificate and the winning photos are displayed at Mid Hudson Subaru.

WINNER A.W. photo by wife

Isabella, a MY2000 SilverThorn Impreza 2.5RS, is not just my daily driver (and pride and joy) she is my release.

Together, we have auto-crossed, rally-crossed, ice-raced, hill-climbed and track-dated. We have tackled ice, snow, dirt, mud and tarmac. And during every event, upon every surface, I always have complete confidence that we posses the unfair advantage-the beauty of Subaru's Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive.

Traction, reliability, durability, economy, and of course Love.its what makes a Subaru, a Subaru... to me.

WINNER J.M. photo by family

We bought our first Subaru for a 2 and a half month cross-country trip. We were going for family events along with some bird-watching in state and national parks and wildlife refuges.

In Duarte, CA we picked up our grandson and brought him back home to Poughkeepsie. The trip home covered 6 weeks, 17 states, 11 national parks and monuments, 11 birding or wildlife areas, my mother's 99th birthday party, and 6,249 miles. We took twelve thousand pictures and made a million memories. Our grandson is ready to take the trip all over again and so is our Subaru!

WINNER K.D. photo by self

Well another camping trip with the Subbie. My Great Dane, Nala, watched as the Outback is loaded down with everything we will need for a long week in the woods. She never fears for she knows her spot is in the back seat. Nala just wanted to make sure I didn't forget the Kibble.

WINNER E.D. photo by self

I took this photograph after the odometer turned 100,000 miles in my lovely, little Subaru. 

She is well traveled and still looks and drives great. The Outback Impreza is an awesome car and I am looking forward to traveling at least another 100,000 miles together.

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