he Importance of Factory-trained, Certified Technicians

Factory-certified and trained technicians have had years of experience where they have confirmed and documented that non-factory parts will fail sooner than factory parts. They have discovered  that the price of cutting done by non-factory parts companies often drops the quality and the life of the repair.

A good example of this is where a non-trained mechanic uses a different coolant than the Subaru factory coolant. The chemicals in the non-factory approved product can chemically react with the components in the system and the vehicle's cooling system causing deterioration over time, causing damage to the head gaskets, plugging radiators, and/or causing coolant leaks. Once this problem is started, it is expensive to correct. Factory service procedures and parts are designed to avoid such problems.

Subaru technicians are trained in every Subaru system, taught to understand the interrelationships between systems, and trained in looking for preventative measures.

They need solid reading, mathematics, and computer skills to study, analyze and comprehend technical manuals. They must also study on their own to keep up with new technology and learn new service and repair procedures and specifications. The ability to diagnose the source of a problem quickly and accurately requires good reasoning ability and a thorough knowledge of each automotive system and their interactions.

Subaru requires periodic technician reassessment to verify that the technician is keeping up with technology. This assessment process is required to remain certified. And of course, training is provided for every new model and every model year.

How to Create a MySubaru Site to Help You Keep Track of Your Vehicle's Maintenance

From a service perspective, MySubaru, lets you enjoy instant access to your vehicle's service and warranty history, safety notices, an online Owner's manual, and much more.

You also get the latest car care tips to help you keep your Subaru in top running condition. Learn ways to interact with other Subaru drivers - read their stories and share your own.

By joining this online family you have the opportunity to look at current owner programs and services exclusively for owners. There's even a helpful tool to assist you in planning future purchases!

To set up your MySubaru account: Go to www.MySubaru.com , from the homepage, click on the "My Subaru" tab and select "Register here." Follow the prompts to enter your personal information, email address, password and VIN "Then click "Submit."

We are constantly expanding to better serve our customers. Our dedication to customer service and service excellence is the reason for our success. We have
  • Road Force: the world's #1 diagnostic balancer. Identifies the tire and rim contributions to redial vibration problems.
  • TCX515: enhanced rim clamp tire changer. Twin-cylinders give 40% more clamping force. Fastest speed in class.
  • WinAlign: fully integrates the functions of the console, sensors and lift into one highly efficient alignment system.
We have a total of 12 bays to accommodate customers and these improved services.

What our customers are saying: As always, the employees at the service center were helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous. I brought my Legacy in for an oil change and tire rotation and found that my rear brakes needed to be replaced. My service rep, Dave, took the time to explain the process to me in a way that I understood it. The work was done in a timely manner and my car is running beautifully! Thanks! - CH

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Take Your Oil Change to the Next Level

Most drivers know the basics of motor oil, and change it regularly according to factory recommendations. Those drivers follow these instructions by the book because they want to take care of their vehicle. One of the next steps in oil change education is synthetic oil. The usage of synthetic oil is not new to the automotive industry, but it is new to Subaru. Many new customers think that oil is oil, and "As long as I have enough oil in my engine, everything is fine." The only thing correct about that statement is having enough oil in your engine, because oil is no longer just oil.

Advantages of Synthetic Motor Oil
  • Superior protection against oil breakdown for a cleaner running engine and long engine life
  • Increased protection against varnishing and deposits
  • More tolerant to high heat, especially in turbo-charged engines
  • Reduces engine wear across the operating temperature range
  • Optimizes fuel economy
  • Reduces oil loss due to evaporation and burn off
  • Helps improve fuel economy, reduces friction and increases power
Subaru offers two weights of synthetic oil. Ask us which is the right one for your vehicle.

Recognize the Symptoms of a Failing Battery
  • Headlights dim excessively at idle
  • Headlights dim excessively when air conditioning or electrical accessories are turned on
  • Slow or interrupted engine cranking, especially in cold weather
  • Battery requires jump-starting or recharging
  • Instrument panel warning light stays on or flashes intermittently
  • Cracked, loose or squealing alternator belts
  • Battery posts or connecting cables are corroded