We greatly appreciate our customers, without them we would not be here. What makes this relationship so wonderful is that they appreciate us too! Here is a sampling of what our customers are saying about us:

"It's been just a little over six months since my wife and I purchased our Forester and Outback. Since then our enthusiasm has not waned, it has just grown stronger.  My wife drives the Forester, typically with our granddaughter in the back seat.  I drove the Forester exclusively while my wife was out of town for ten days.  It is remarkably peppy and nimble and is a ton-o-fun to drive.


We have already put over 10,000 miles on our Outback, about twice my usual mileage. We have driven it to the Midwest and back, Boston several times and all over the tri-state area.  It is smooth, luxurious, dependable and we are confident that whatever the weather, our Subaru will get us through (it also has the unique good looks of a Subaru).  It is our go to car for long distance travel or when we're out with the neighbors and off to the movies. I like it more and more every day.


As you know I'm recently retired (by surprise) and economy and dependability are way up on the charts since we've been on a fixed income.  We are both getting excellent mileage, not just for a AWD vehicle, but compared to any vehicle in their class.  To top it off, we haven't had so much as a rattle since we bought the Subarus.


We knew the brand was excellent. We owned a Subaru wagon way back in the late 70's early 80's (we called it the Cyclops - it had a passing light in the middle of the grill with a lift gate). It was a great car and one of the first with AWD in the US. Subaru AWD has come a long way since then. Our friends have owned Subaru's and my oldest daughter and husband have owned two. Everyone we know who has owned one has been highly complementary. We are equally as delighted with our decision to buy our Subarus!


Since our purchase we have had both of our vehicles serviced at Mid Hudson Subaru. On every occasion we were greeted and treated as members of the Subaru family. Part of the pleasure of owning a Subaru is working closely with an exceptional dealership during and after the purchase. Mid Hudson has exceeded our expectations at every step of the way.


We look forward to owning our Subarus and working with Mid Hudson Subaru for a long time to come!"

- Alex & Suzanne Neil

"I just wanted to send a thank you and a kudos to your staff that worked on my 2010 Subaru Outback. I had the car there just for a routine oil change and to do some recall work. However, recently I had someone spill something on the car and it had discolored some of the paint. I had left a note to see if I could get a price on how much it would cost to fix it so as not to cause further damage. Much to my surprise (although I shouldn't have been since I have always received excellent service), I received a call that my car was ready and that the discoloration issue was corrected by your staff compounding the area. I can't tell you how thrilled I was." - Dee R.

"I have never had such remarkable service like I have at your Service Department. I feel like family. They accommodate me in all my needs. They understand that I'm handicapped and take extra special car of me. I have purchased cars from other dealerships and I have never felt this good about a dealership! Your salesmen treat me like royalty! I will be sending a copy of this letter to Subaru headquarters, I want them to know that Mid Hudson Subaru is #1 in my book." - Josephine L.

"Recently I purchased a Subaru Outback 2.5i Premium from you. My new Outback is by far the best vehicle I've ever owned, but to top it all off was my experience with Peter Maher and his staff. Even though he is the owner of the dealership, having such a busy schedule, Peter personally made sure that every aspect of my purchase was handled correctly. Not once did I feel pressured and the pricing of my trade in was 100% hassle free.

On the day I picked up my vehicle our sales consultant introduced me to everyone at the dealership and on the way out Peter even offered us lunch! As my fiancee and I pulled out of the dealership in our new Outback, she said to me, 'How can we ever buy a car anywhere else?' My thoughts exactly." - Frank G.

"Your dealership is one of the most customer-oriented businesses I've ever dealt with. Thanks to you and everyone else there for making this purchase such an easy and pain-free experience for me. I sincerely appreciate it." - John M.

"Over the weekend my wife and I were talking about the whole purchase experience and it was ll like it is supposed to be but rarely is. The purchase experience was so good and we really felt we were treated honestly and that we will most likely lease another car through Mid Hudson Subaru. We were very satisfied." - Frank K.

"My parents recently bought a car from Mid Hudson Subaru. This was my first time being part of buying a family car. It was a very extensive experience. Our salesperson was very friendly, amusing, and kind. He let me see the car buying process, which gave me the opportunity to see what it was like. Some times he even asked me for my opinion. Your dealership is great compared to the others we visited. Now I know where my family should stop the next time we need a new or used car." - Meghan G.

"You have restored my faith in car dealers - I really appreciate your resolving my problem in such a timely fashion with no hassle and no charge. Thank you so much!" - Ruth S.

"Thank you so much for helping me to be blessed with a new vehicle. As I go forward each and every day to feed our needy; I will pray for you and your business. I am so grateful that our local business community has recognized my work in caring for the poor." - Patti

"Mr. Maher, I know that all too often people only report their dissatisfaction or unpleasant service experiences. I feel it is important to recognize good service, too! I had a great experience working with Mr. Jose Sierra: he was informative, not pushy, and very helpful. I was initially looking to purchase a Forester - my old one was still going at 255K miles! Jose convinced me to give the Legacy a spin. He said, 'Never be married to one model!' Jose was very patient, answered my questions when I made a few visits for additional test drives or called, and worked hard to make sure that I was satisfied. Jose was able to explain things to me using comparisons I could understand!

I really liked something Jose said: 'At the end of the day, I want to sell you a car, but I DON'T want to sell you a car that you are unhappy with. I want you to LOVE your new car and feel good about your purchase.' Jose made me feel like he valued my WANTS, and he was the only salesperson who was interested in comparing those to my practical NEEDS.

I decided on the Legacy, and Jose spent ample time going over all the workings of the car with me - though it was past his working hours. After driving out, I noticed two TINY chips in the windshield. I phoned Jose on his cell. Even though it was long after his work day, Jose got back to me and was very apologetic, assuring me that the windshield would be repaired. I said it was fine to repair the tiny chips, but he said, "No! It will be ENTIRELY replaced." Within a few days, the issue was resolved without difficulty or hassle. Kevin in Service was very helpful in getting me a loaner car and promptly notified me the job was done. He was very pleasant to deal with and answered all of my questions.

Jose had faxed everything to my insurance company, but after I had purchased the car, they wanted a copy of the window sticker, which I now had. I told Jose that I would copy it and fax it to them. He said he would do it. This was very impressive to me and the hallmark of great service. I had already purchased the car, Jose was getting a commission, and yet he STILL wanted me to be a happy customer. This is VERY rare these days in any service industry!

In short, the great service Jose provided me made me choose Mid Hudson Subaru. I felt like I would actually be cared about AFTER I purchased the car - which has been shown to be true! All good service should be rewarded, and I hope you will take my comments to heart." - J. W. Armstrong

"Thank you so much for all you did to make both the trade-in and the purchase so easy. From the pizza to the incredibly cordial, no BS, hassle-free manner, the entire process was as smooth as we could have hoped for. We were confident going in that Mid Hudson Subaru would be the right fit and our visit on Saturday only cemented that opinion even further. I am sure this won't be the last time you guys see us." - G. Robson

"A large part of our satisfaction in buying the Outback from you last week has to be attributed to the conscientious service we received from Jose Sierra. He was attentive to every detail, responsive to every question. It was a joy and assurance, to be in his hands throughout our decision process. We respect also the fact that Jose had a personal backup in everything he undertook on our behalf. It has truly been a pleasure doing business with Mid Hudson Subaru. - V. Barnes

"Thank you so much for your efforts with our car! I LOVE the car, it is really a great car, handling, etc... You were all great to work with, and we look forward to working with Mid Hudson Subaru again in the future." - Rebecca S.

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Comments from our customer surveys:
"Took personal interest in the customer, showing respect through the entire process. Did not pressure the sale at any time during the process.

I am so happy to have my beautiful Subaru Legacy on a nasty day like this! It took an hour and a half to get into the office today but I was secure and happy in the Legacy. It is easy to handle, responsive and best of all, comfortable; nothing beats those heated seats!

Our prep and delivery was pushed through saving us a 2 hour round trip. He did not remind us that he had a business dinner to go to in PA, instead he focused on our needs and made the sacrifice of asking his wife to take time out of her day and bring him his suit.

Thank you for making our first Subaru purchase such a wonderful experience.
As a follow up - He made the meeting with minutes to spare and his wife, also a Subaru driver, did not mind dropping the suit off - she is a Mid Hudson Subaru groupie.

"This was the first time I bought anything other than a Honda since the 1980s and it was the best experience I've ever had. Excellent car. Excellent job!"

"Mid Hudson Subaru was courteous, prompt and knowledgeable. They made us feel like a welcomed customer even though the repair was under warranty and the vehicle was purchased at another dealership. I will definitely be purchasing my next Subaru at Mid Hudson."

"The entire service department knows who I am. I was introduced to Rob Bosch, the Service Manager the day I bought my car. He continues to say hello to me every time I visit. Makes sure I'm happy and that my car is well. This is how it should be and the reason that I continue to return there."

"You are very trustworthy and offer good communication - you listen to any problem I'm having and try your best to fix it. I was very unhappy at the dealership I had been going to. They denied my car had a problem, and it kept coming back. Mid Hudson Subaru stated they were familiar with the problem which was common, and updated software in my car. Problem has not returned, but I have - to Mid Hudson Subaru!"

"Your true concern for your customers... For example - coming home from work one early evening, at 4:30pm a frightening sound suddenly came from one of my front wheels. I stopped at Mid Hudson Subaru just as they were closing. The mechanic that was still there took my car in, put it up on a lift and found a small stone. The problem ended and I felt very relieved. No charge for this. I'll never forget it. Thanks Subaru."

"Our salesperson was very patient and not 'salesie'. I took a few months to finally decide what I wanted. He followed up but was not pushy. He wanted to make sure I was comfortable with my decision. He always remembered who I was when I came in the dealership. He was very kind to my family as well. The follow up was amazing. After I picked up the car he called to make sure I was happy and to see if I had any questions. He let me know that he was available if I needed anything. It is nice to know that Rick and the dealership isn't there just sell a car and then not care about the total customer experience. It was a very pleasant experience."

"Each time I come back work with me the same way. Sales manager Tom Deluca was outstanding. I bought three cars in one week. And two Foresters in 2004. Also two Foresters 2007. I have been buying Subaru starting 1981. So work with us the same every two to three years. Thank you. Love my Subaru!"

"This dealership had extremely helpful staff and an owner that also was in touch with the customers, which is unusual but very nice. We were extremely happy with our experience there! Keep up the good work!"

"I never imagined a car dealership experience could be so pleasant. The best aspect for me, which I hope you continue to do well, was the overall affability, patience and concern of every employee I encountered. Keep it up!"

"This was probably the best new car purchase I ever had. The knowledge of my sales person, Kevin, was impressive. The owner even took the time to spend with me and answer any questions I had. A truly excellent dealership as far as purchasing goes. I have not serviced yet but am confident this level of service is consistent throughout the ownership process."